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Our Senior Spotlight features 13 staff members who share a passion for Vogel Alcove’s mission and a commitment to the children and families we serve.

In October of 2022, Vogel Alcove welcomed Gloria Woods as the Senior Director of Early Childhood Programming. Gloria brings her past experience as the Regional VP of Operations in a Childcare Division to help guide the Early Childhood Department.

Senior spotlight photo of Gloria Woods and Vogel babies

Gloria Woods
Senior Director of Early Childhood Programming

B.S.Ed. Early Learning & Development, Mercer University, Atlanta, GA | M.Ed. Early Childhood Administration, National Louis University, Chicago, IL

What are the responsibilities in your role as Senior Director of Early Childhood Programming

As Senior Director of Early Childhood Programming, I am responsible for providing strategic leadership and supervision of our early childhood program. This includes delivering high-quality preschool care and education to the children we serve. We accomplish this by maintaining a safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environment that services the whole child-cognitive development, physical growth, socio-personal development, cultural recognition, and community awareness. Through servant leadership, I work closely with the early childhood administrators and education staff. I support their professional needs, goals, and aspirations. I collaborate with the leadership team to keep Vogel Alcove’s mission moving forward. I also focus on keeping our organization at the forefront of early childhood innovations, policies, trends, and advocacy.

Why you choose to work for Vogel and what do you hope to accomplish in your efforts?

Vogel’s mission has a personal impact on me. I was once in the space where our families and children are now.  25 years ago, I was divorced, homeless, living out of my car, and couch surfing. At the same time, I was raising three toddlers and attending college, and student teaching. Trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. I needed the support of an organization like Vogel Alcove. Now that I am in such a blessed position, it is my turn to be that support for those having experiences similar to mine.

Tell us more about yourself! 

I am a family woman that expresses love through cooking, homemaking, and sharing wisdom and I love to serve the church and the community. I am a global traveler and local tourist.

Senior Staff Spotlight | Gloria Woods Snapshots

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