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This is part two in a series of a Vogel Success and Impact Story. In 2017, Asyria and her daughter became homeless. When they joined the Vogel family, Asyria became pregnant with her second child, Linkin.

Watch the second video in a four-part series as Asyria herself tells her story.

You’ll hear a strong, resilient mother determined to defy the limitations of her struggles. You’ll see the impact that Vogel’s programs and services have on a family recovering from homelessness.

Asyria’s story is just one of many we hear each day. From the day these families join us, until well after they’ve moved on, Vogel is there.

Whether through childcare, mental health therapy, financial education and guidance, or simply just a listening ear– Vogel is able to provide this support system because of you. 

Your donation today goes directly toward helping homeless children and their families recover from their trauma. Consider donating monthly to help make a lasting impact on our mission. 


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