Brackets For Good Thank you


Brackets for Good 2018

This was our first Brackets for Good Tournament and we weren’t exactly sure how successful our tournament run would be.

Because of YOU specifically, we were able to make it into the final 8 of our region. Your generosity helped us move past four larger organizations and each week we were proud of donors for supporting us to the next round. Ultimately, we were edged out of the tournament in the 4th round.

Thank you for joining us on this new and exciting fundraising campaign and for making a difference in the lives of homeless children and families.

The following list of supporters were the people that helped us advance each round. Most of the people listed below donated multiple times! We also had donors that wished to remain anonymous.

Although we didn’t advance, your generosity helped us raise more than $3,000!

Our 2018 Brackets for Good Team Members

Christopher J Simmons
Lauren Halsey
Gayle E Marshall
Brooks Gould
Mark Miner
Michelle Kravitz
Jenni Samuel
Jason Hays
Jonathan Macke
Molly Schindler
Anthony Begon
Christopher Benson
Mia A Williams
Sharon K Thompson
Betty Singer
Stephen Ruback
Teri Walker
Sammy Gonzalez
Emily Alcantar