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Classroom Champions host Valentine’s Day Parties

February 22, 2018  |  Published in Agency News, Donors, Volunteers

Last week, more than 40 of our Classroom Champions hosted Valentine’s Day parties for our kids. Classroom Champions are assigned to specific rooms and have the opportunity to take part in various activities throughout the year and celebrate fun holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Parties at Vogel Alcove!

During the year, Classroom Champions are kept up to date on classroom activities via emails and pictures and begin to build a bond with the teachers and children in their assigned rooms.

Thank you to all of our Champions that were able to attend and participate within their classrooms during the kid’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. The classrooms had fun with activities such as arts and craft projects, story telling and reading circles. Champions created a festive party atmosphere by providing decorations such as balloons, streamers and take home items such as treat bags and books and stickers!

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Thank you again for helping to make Vogel Alcove a special place for our children and families.