DeadSoxy x Vogel Design Contest


DeadSoxy is a luxury sock brand in Dallas who creates superior socks using premium fabrics and smart designs. They also have a no-slip, no fall guarantee – with a full 30 day refund. 

The founder, Jason Simmons, recently connected with our mission and wanted to give back in his own unique way. His idea was the create a contest where our kids could design their own custom socks! The program was introduced to our Camp Vogel kids and they immediately started dreaming up and sketching their own designs.

Here’s where DeadSoxy needs your help. Out of more than 35 designs created, DeadSoxy will produce 3 for sale later this year. Below are 5 designs and the stories of the design directly from the kids.

See the designs and stories below and click to vote on your 3 favorite designs. The winners will go into production and be ready for sale before the holiday season and proceeds of all sales will be donated to Vogel.


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