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Flight for Vogel Alcove

Flight is a group of passionate supporters who make a monthly recurring donation to Vogel Alcove.
Together with your help, Flight can grow our specialized programs and services to help families
end the cycle of poverty and heal from the trauma of homelessness


Pledge to support the children of Vogel Alcove by selecting a $25+ monthly recurring donation via our donate page.


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Flight Members Receive

  • Listing on the webpage “donor wall”/Flight webpage
  • Quarterly email mailer with stories of impact and contribution metrics
  • Picture frame for interchangeable monthly postcards highlighting your contribution at work
  • Invitation to quarterly networking events or happy hours
  • Special volunteer initiatives

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Flight Members

Members that support the children of Vogel Alcove with a monthly-recurring donations of $25 or more

(as of 12/20/19)

Abbey Frantz
Al Ellis
Alice & Jeff Ballow
Allison Jones
Andrew and Sylvia Wymer 
Beth Borman
Bobby Hiatt 
Caroline Wilson
Chris Biggerstaff 
Christopher Barnes 
Cline Taplin
Corey Sadowsky
Danielle Edsell 
David Summers
Debbie LaBarba
Elisa Gansell 
Elizabeth DeLToro & Ashwin Nathan
F. Mark Compton 
Gary and Paige Shelton
Gary Edd Fish
Greg Brinkley
Hans Alexander Cesar
Jason Mayer
Ji Woo
Jing-Lan Stacy
John W. Blair
Jodi and Greg Sadowski
Julia and Fotios Mihalopoulos
Kara Brown
Kenneth L. and Vicki L. Deakins
Kimberly Duffy
Linda Manning
Mayra Vasquez
Melissa Matthews
Melinda Armitage
Michelle & Michael J. Simmons
Michelle Kravitz
Michelle Wircenski
Nadra Street 
Paige Pasta
Pam Bryant
Renee Gonzalez
Robert and Lisa Malenfant 
Scot and Joann Morrison
Seth Hale
Stephanie and Kevin Saller
Teri Walker
Tony Pham
Vincent Victor
Zaira Weisse

Why Join Flight? Our Members Say:

“Having visited the facility first hand and witnessing the work being done by the teachers and staff really touched our hearts. Vogel Alcove is fantastic and really makes a difference in the lives of the children and families it serves. My wife and I are blessed to be contributors to the mission of Vogel Alcove.”

-Flight members, Gary and Paige Shelton