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Dr Suess’ Birthday at Vogel Alcove

March 28, 2018  |  Published in Agency News, Early Childhood

On Friday, March 2nd, many schools across the world celebrate Dr. Suess’ Birthday. At Vogel Alcove, our teachers and kids are big fans of his stories, and many of the murals in our school are inspired by the artwork that graces the covers and pages of these literary classics.

On Dr. Seuss Day it is customary to read a favorite book with your child. It could be one of Dr. Seuss’s books or it could be another children’s book author. The whole point of the day is to engage children in reading and to get them to read on a regular basis.

Source and featured image – HolidaysCalendar.com

As is tradition in many schools, the kids also created arts and crafts to show their Dr Suess spirit. Below are some of the creative hats our children made.

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