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Facing Homelessness Part 1

May 2, 2018  |  Published in Agency News, Donors, Success Stories

Facing Homelessness

On the night of January 25, 2018, 662 Dallas-area children were counted as homeless. They were not on the streets but rather numbered in local emergency shelters and transitional housing programs.

However, not included in the count that night were children living in cars and motels or sleeping on a friend’s couch.

Together they bring the true count of homeless children in Dallas closer to 3,000!

Most people are shocked by this “invisible” reality. These 3,000 homeless children are not hidden but indeed become invisible when no one is looking for them.

When these children and their families walk in the doors of Vogel Alcove, something happens … They have a name. They have a face. They have a unique story.

We can literally write a different ending for their future!

In the coming weeks, we will share with you four stories of homeless children and families. As you meet Jenny, Raul, Amy, and Maria, you will come face-to-face with homelessness and the impact your gifts to Vogel Alcove make.


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