Full Steam Ahead for Staff and Vogel Eats Program


You may know that on April 6, we reopened our doors for the children of our families that hold essential jobs in Dallas.

About 5o% of our families reside in shelters, while the other 50% live in affordable housing or the like. They’ve worked hard to get jobs and provide a home for their families. But, during this pandemic, their stability is at stake. We must provide care for these families in this time, and provide to the greatest of their needs. 

Each day, we have about 30 children ages 5 weeks to 5th grade learning in our facility. We are practicing all safety guidelines as set by the CDC and the county. 

For 5 weeks now, we’ve been servicing our families greatest needs through 3 new program initiatives here at Vogel. 

The largest of these in our Vogel Eats program. 

Our staff is preparing, packaging and delivering over 1300 meals each week to those families under a shelter-in-place order that need meals each day. The staff of Ellen’s Southern Kitchen is graciously volunteering as drivers during their period of closure. 

Our packages include breakfast, lunch, water, and bye-bye bags filled with sustaining snacks for the kids and parents in each household. 

This is not a part of our usual operation, but our teachers, social workers, and staff have taken up arms and are committed to doing everything necessary to help the most vulnerable individuals in our city, all while providing childcare each day. 

As this pandemic evolves, so must Vogel. We cannot implement and sustain these new programs without your help. Please consider a monetary gift today to help us provide for our families