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Lessons in Diversity

February 9, 2018  |  Published in Early Childhood, Services & Programs, Success Stories, Uncategorized

Today, students in class 110 were taught lessons on the topic of diversity. One of the room’s teachers, Olivia, shared a few brief stories regarding the lessons and captured a few pictures along the way.


We passed out M&Ms for everyone and asked “What is the best part of the M&M?”
The students answered, “THE CHOCOLATE!!”
We explained to them that the color of the M&M does not really matter.  We then demonstrated this by having a child close her eyes and taste an M&M.
She tried to guess what color it was. She wasn’t able to tell!
We explained to them that people are like M&Ms. It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and we should choose our friends by the way they act and treat others, not by how they look.



Another lesson involved brown and white eggs.

The goal of this lesson was to show the children that people in general may look different on the outside, but that we are all the same on the inside.

We started by giving each child a white egg and a brown egg. We discussed how the eggs were similar and different, just like people.

When asked to predict whether the inside of the eggs would be the same or different, they guessed “Different!”

Imagine their surprise when the insides were revealed!

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