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National Lloyds Insurance Donates Kids’ Swimwear

June 6, 2016  |  Published in Early Childhood, Uncategorized

Thanks to our friends at National Lloyds Insurance, the children of Vogel Alcove will enjoy a splashing good time this summer! The company donated children’s swimsuits in a wide variety of sizes, allowing everyone from infants to school-age kids to participate in our Friday Splash Days. 

Since most of our families lack the funds, transportation and time to take their children to water parks, we bring the water park experience to the children. On summer Fridays, they gather in our Vogel Alcove backyard to run through sprinklers, splash in puddles, toss water Frisbees and engage in various other water activities. Getting the opportunity to cool off, splash around and play with friends is a summertime treat that all children deserve to experience.

Vogel Alcove greatly appreciates the generosity of National Lloyds Insurance in providing swimsuits so that the children we serve can have a water park adventure all summer long!