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Outdoor Activity Educates & Entertains Vogel Alcove Children

March 22, 2017  |  Published in Early Childhood, Volunteers

On a beautiful March morning, many of our children went to nearby Dallas Heritage Village to learn about “Toys that Fly and Float.” In keeping with our educational theme for March, Things That Move (Preschoolers) and On the Go! (Toddlers), this hands-on lesson was designed to enrich the children’s study of transportation and movement.

We floated pool noodle boats in a fountain, watched as air propelled a foam rocket into the sky and blew bubbles to watch how wind affects things that move. But perhaps the most fun activity was one of the simplest – flying kites. The children loved seeing the colorful kites take flight and chasing them through the meadow. In that moment, they were not worried about getting enough to eat or having a place to sleep – they were just enjoying being kids.

Many thanks to our volunteers from ZeroRisk HR, who helped with our transportation lesson and created special memories with our children. See below for photos from this fun and educational activity!