Parent Peer Groups Create Vision Boards


Here at Vogel, so many of our parents feel alone, with no peers available to support them during a traumatic time. These parents have usually experienced events in their lives that can be quite painful emotionally, and it’s difficult not to feel completely alone.

Because of this, our Family Support social workers created a Parent Peer Group. It’s an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents, provide each other with supportive opportunities to build positive and optimistic relationships.  The PPG is an outlet of building camaraderie and fellowshipping with other parents and we offer them monthly.

We recently held our very first Parent Peer Group meeting for 2020, and with the new year in mind, we asked our parents to create personalized vision boards. The aim is to help parents identify their life goals, recognize their current situations, envision where they want to be this year, and create plans for achieving these goals.

Our parents had a blast creating their own boards, and each was excited to realize their personal goals for the future. Check out photos below of our parents and their vision boards.