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Perkins’ Family Annual Family Day

April 18, 2018  |  Published in Agency News, Volunteers


The Perkins’ Family held their annual Family Dinner for the Families of Vogel AlcoveThe Perkins Family supports Vogel in numerous ways through their time, talent, and treasure. Their family has individuals that sit on our Board of Directors, some who volunteer with us once a week, and others who raise funds  through sponsorships and online fundraising. They even started a campaign on Instagram that offers a more in depth look of our families and their path to self-sufficiency. Talk about commitment! This family does it all!

Recently, the Perkins family catered dinner for our families from Bubbas Chicken and Mike Anderson’s BBQ. This was definitely a treat for the families of Vogel Alcove, as often times, they miss dinner at the shelters (which is served between 4pm-6pm) due to traffic, lack of transportation, or missing the bus. Our families are definitely looking forward to another event like this.

 In conjunction with the Perkins’ Family Dinner, Vogel Alcove’s held it’s annual Spring Clothing Store as well. As you can imagine, keeping up with the clothing needs of ever-growing children can be a challenge for any parent. But when you’re also experiencing homelessness, this regular task is particularly difficult.

With this in mind, Vogel Alcove held a one-day Spring Store for the families. While the children enjoyed a normal day in their classrooms, their parents shopped for a wide selection of family clothes, shoes, toiletries and other essentials—all at no cost. Thanks to the generous support of our community donors and corporate partners, more than 181 children and 71 families benefited from the Spring Store. In essence, this was a “perfect day” for our families with free food and free clothes for their children.

As we continue our daily program, we cannot complete our daily support without our supporting board members, corporate groups, community groups, religious affiliations and etc. In addition, we also cannot commit to our daily work without the contributions of our daily, monthly, and annual financial supporters. With your financial support, be it a one-time gift or a small monthly contribution, we can continue to support the families and children we support. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, as we continually help the homeless children of Vogel Alcove. We thank you for all that you do and all that you will continue to do.

To learn more about how to donate funds or items for one of our quarterly stores, please contact Assistant Director of Engagement, Brian Millage, at bmillage@vogelalcove.org.