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Positive Messaging Helps Children in Trauma

April 8, 2016  |  Published in Agency News, Family Services

Last fall, several of us had the opportunity at attend a two-day training on Trauma Informed Care Sponsored by Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Carmela DeCandia, Ph. D., a psychologist whose work in the area of homelessness and families is nationally recognized, presented a comprehensive and helpful training. One takeaway from the training was a list of lessons that kids learn from trauma. I was pleased to reflect on how we counteract these messages in our classrooms and in our work with families. Given time and consultation with my colleagues, I’m sure we could compose a massive document, but here are a few ways that we teach a different lesson at Vogel.

National research says that by the time homeless children reach the age of 8, one in three has a major mental disorder. Supportive environments are one key factor in reducing these numbers. Teaching a different lesson than the one taught by the experience of homelessness is just another reason to be glad that Vogel Alcove is here for children affected by homelessness in Dallas.

Lynn Cearley
Director of Family Services