Thank You, February Volunteers!


Volunteers Feb 19

Thank you to all of our passionate and supportive volunteers who help make Vogel a safe, nurturing and fun environment for our families to heal and grow!

Volunteer Groups

Ursuline Academy Seniors

Ursuline Academy Staff

Delek US

Greenhill Middle School (5th Graders)


SMU Students

Children’s Health Pediatrics

Individual Volunteers

Kristy Jalbert

Melinda James

Marty Mintz

Suzanne Teitelbaum

Beatrice Kaplan

Sandra Zucker

Sydney Jordan

Imana Cordova

Debbie Gibson

Irene Sanchez

Betsy Cullum

Laurie Gonzalez

Roger Parks

Melissa Galarza

Kim Stadelman

Mohitha Peram

Madelene Anne Beck

Ron Olson

Angelique Lorocco

Therese Tetzel

Mesha Williams

Barbara Gollman

Kim Stadelman

Jaena Zerner

Shiley Ferguson

Jonathan Bates

Ellen Miller

Lisa & Josh Segert

Umar Syed

Doug Bedner 

Judy Martin


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