Thank You, Volunteers! June 2018


Vogel could not fulfill its mission to help children recover from the trauma of homelessness without the support of generous community volunteers. Below is a list of our volunteers for the past month.

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As of 6/1/18 – 6/31/18


UT Southwestern

Ryan LLC

YMSL – Dalrich

Southwest Airlines


United Way

Willow Springs Middle School

First Baptist Norman


Tradition Energy

Bain & Co.

Design Works




Kristy Jalbert

Jo Bryan

Melinda James

Marty Mintz

Ron Olson

Mandy Olsen

Suzanne Teitelbaum

Miatta Wilson

Beatrice Kaplan

Ashley Bull

Sydney Jordan

Amy Lund

Imana Cordova

Melanie Rudomin

Read Gendler

Steve Gendler

Shorena Gachechiladze

Kate Hayes

Debbie Gibson

Simone Moore

Sondra & Jamie Perkins

Woobie Rust

Lovely Lopez

Simone Moore

Lisa Kislak

Aneesh Roy

Yvette Leyva

Mia Keys


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