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Thank You, June Volunteers!

June 20, 2019  |  Published in Agency News, Donors, Volunteers

Volunteers for May 2019

Thank you to all of our passionate and supportive volunteers who help make Vogel Alcove a safe, nurturing and fun environment for our families to heal and grow!

Volunteer list for June 2019


Marsh Group

Chamberlain College of Nursing School

Dallas Nursing Institute

Flick Mars

NCL – Richardson Chapter

YMSL – Dalrich Chapter

Love Joy Isd



Yoga N Da Hood

Lakehill Prep

Bain & Company

Constellation Energy

Oliver Wyman


Community Brewery

Dallas Mayor Interns

Jewish Family Services Interns

First Baptist Church of Norman, OK


Melinda James

Marty Mintz

Suzanne Teitelbaum

Beatrice Kaplan

Sydney Jordan

Imana Cordova

Debbie Gibson

Betsy Cullum

Laurie Gonzalez

Ron Olson

Ellen Miller

Judy Martin

Lisa Kleinman

David Summers

Rebecca Cedillo

Angelique Lorocco

Sandra Zucker

Areli Esquivel

Meg Lemler

Kemper Lowry

Ava Wallace-McCollom

Anna Somodevilla

Roxana Farokhnia

Cydney Montgomery

Jenna Lindley

Taylor Dial

Tk Kelly

Claire Borman

Alex Zhang

Mesha Williams