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The Creature Teacher Visits Vogel Alcove

July 9, 2020  |  Published in Agency News, Early Childhood, Everyday Vogel

The children got a fun surprise yesterday, a visit from The Creature Teacher!This organization is run by teachers have either Master of Education or Bachelor of Science degrees and are experienced in the teaching field.  Their featured program was “Fur vs. Scales”” This class reinforces the difference between mammals and reptiles.  By seeing and touching animals like the chinchilla, patagonia cavy, and hedgehog, students can get an idea of the function of fur and what it takes to survive as a warm blooded animal.  Once they see and touch reptiles like the skink, chameleon, and snake, they can better understand the different functions of scales and how cold blooded animals survive in their environment.”Check out some of the photos from yesterdays visit below!