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Vogel Alcove Celebrates 30th Birthday

March 28, 2017  |  Published in Agency News, Uncategorized

Happy Birthday Vogel Alcove!

On March 29, 2017 Vogel Alcove will celebrate 30 years of caring for the most vulnerable, neglected members of our community – homeless children and their families. The agency’s highly-skilled teachers, social workers and therapists help children cope with the trauma of homelessness and give parents the support they need to improve their families’ lives. More than 15,000 children and families have been served since Vogel Alcove opened its doors in 1987.

Vogel Alcove History

Vogel Alcove traces its roots to the Dallas Jewish Coalition for the Homeless (DJCH), a collaboration among more than 20 local synagogues and Jewish organizations. The Coalition decided to create a child care program for homeless children, at a site called The Alcove.

In 1989, the program was named Vogel Alcove in honor of DJCH President Thelma Vogel and her husband Philip, who were killed in the crash of Delta flight 1141. DJCH Vice President Doris Budner became President, and she played an active role in the child care center until her death in 2003.

In 1998, a Board of Directors was created and given authority over Vogel Alcove. The agency no longer has a religious affiliation, though many DJCH participants are among its steadfast supporters.

Karen Hughes became President/CEO of Vogel Alcove in 2011, and in 2014, the agency moved to its current location south of I-30 and adjacent to Dallas Heritage Village, in the former City Park School, with the capacity to serve up to 200 children daily.

“Vogel Alcove would not exist without the vision and generosity of Thelma Vogel, Doris Budner and the DJCH,” said Ms. Hughes. “We are proud to build on their legacy of caring for Dallas’ homeless children and families.”

Vogel Alcove’s Programs

Vogel Alcove provides free services for children ages six weeks to 12 years old within three major programs: Early Childhood Services, School-Age Services and Family Support. These services include everything from infant care to homework help to speech therapy to case management, and much more.

The experiences of early childhood directly affect intellectual, social and emotional growth. When these experiences are traumatic, as in the case of homelessness, the results are dire. Vogel Alcove’s trauma-informed care helps counteract these effects and gives homeless children tools to succeed in life despite their circumstances.

Parent Danielle L. described her experience with Vogel Alcove as “a light at the end of my really dark tunnel.” She added, “Thank you so much for taking care of and teaching my baby.”

More than 3,000 children in Dallas go to sleep at night without a home of their own. Clearly, the work of Vogel Alcove is as relevant and necessary as it was 30 years ago.

Fast Facts

  • Dallas has the highest child poverty rate in the country among cities with more than 1 million people. 30% of Dallas children grow up in poverty, or two of every five children.
  • Vogel Alcove is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAYEC), a recognition held by only 8% of child care facilities in the country.
  • Children experiencing homelessness are four times more likely than their peers to show delayed development, and one in six homeless children has emotional disturbances.
  • 25% of homeless preschool children and 40% of homeless school-age children have mental health problems that require clinical evaluation. By age 8, one in three homeless children will have a mental disorder.
  • Homeless children are sick twice as often as their peers, and twice as many are hungry.

Vogel Alcove Historical Timeline

1985-1987              Formation of the Dallas Jewish Coalition for the Homeless (DJCH), led by Thelma Vogel (Coordinator) and Doris Budner (Vice-Coordinator)

March 29, 1987    Our first child care program for the homeless began operating at The Alcove

March 1988          Thelma received the Public Citizen of the Year award from the National Association of Social Workers

Aug. 1988              Thelma Vogel and her husband Philip were tragically killed in a plane crash. Doris Budner became President of the DJCH.

June 1989              The child care program was officially named Vogel Alcove and moved to a new building at 1110 Browder Street.

Jan. 1992               First Vogel Alcove Arts Performance Event, featuring Itzhak Perlman

Nov. 1995              Dedication of a new Vogel Alcove building at 1100 S. Ackard Street.

Aug. 1997              Vogel Alcove received NAEYC accreditation.

Dec. 1998              Vogel Alcove leadership was restructured to consist of a Board of Directors made up of individuals from the community.

March 1999          Doris Budner was named Public Citizen of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers.

April 2002            The Vogel Alcove building was named The Doris and Lawrence Budner Childcare Center.

June 2003            Doris Budner passes away. On the day of her death, Doris Budner was honored with a proclamation from the City of Dallas for her leadership, advocacy and accomplishments in serving homeless children and families.

2006                      Vogel Alcove enters a partnership with Headstart of Greater Dallas.

2011                        Karen Hughes becomes Vogel Alcove President/CEO.

2014                       Vogel Alcove moves to its current location at 1738 Gano Street, in the former City Park School.

March 29, 2017    Vogel Alcove celebrates its 30th anniversary.