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Vogel Alcove Preschoolers Enjoy Aquarium Trip

February 1, 2017  |  Published in Agency News, Early Childhood

Effective early childhood programming engages children in a variety of ways, within and beyond the classroom. Recognizing this, Vogel Alcove provides a variety of enrichment opportunities for our children, including field trips.

Recently, our 4- and 5-year children went on an outing to the Dallas World Aquarium. They loved learning about different ecosystems and the fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals that inhabit them.

For some, the highlight of the trip was spotting what they called a “Dory fish” otherwise known as a Blue Tang and famously featured in the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” as the sidekick with short-term memory loss, Dory.

Outings like this one allow our children to set aside the stresses and uncertainties in their daily lives and just enjoy being kids on a field trip to an aquarium – a common experience that’s anything but ordinary for them.

See below for more photos from this exciting outing!