Vogel Alcove “Veterans” Prepare to Leave the Nest


Pictured (L to R): Four preschoolers who have been at Vogel Alcove since they were babies: DaMarcus, Kylee, Zion & Keenan.
On May 29, we held a special ceremony for our preschool students who are moving up to kindergarten in the fall. Each of the classrooms sang a special song for them, and then the preschoolers received a special certificate. The festivities continued outside, where the children and teachers released the butterflies that they had nurtured from the chrysalis stage. Then the children enjoyed ice cream treats and popsicles.

The celebration was especially bittersweet because we have known many of these children for most of their lives. Five of our preschoolers came to us as infants and six were toddlers when they came to Vogel Alcove!

Our teachers and staff have guided them through traumas and celebrated with them in happy times. They will be deeply missed, but we are grateful to have been able to teach and love them for such a long time.

In order to make sure that our preschoolers are kindergarten ready, Vogel Alcove has a special program called Kinder Camp. At Kinder Camp, the children learn all about “big school” and get to practice activities that might be new to them, like going through a cafeteria line or carrying a backpack. We have 20 children attending Kinder Camp 2017.