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Vogel Alcove Volunteer Receives National Recognition

July 4, 2016  |  Published in Agency News, Volunteers

Vogel Alcove is proud to announce that one of our dedicated volunteers, Anne Davidson, earned an Honorable Mention for Volunteer of the Year in the 10th Annual Invest in Others Community Leadership Awards.

Known in the classrooms of Vogel Alcove as Bunny Love, Anne encourages our children to dream about their future even as they are experiencing homelessness today. When Bunny Love glides into a room with her pink gown, angel wings and magic wand, the children know something magical is about to happen. Tiny hands extend to receive the glittery wishes that are Bunny Love’s gift to them, and as they clasp them to their hearts, the children announce what they want to be: “Spiderman! Elsa! A rock star! A mommy!”

Being able to imagine a brighter future and share their dreams with their teachers and friends is a critical milestone–and one that may not come easily to the children we serve. We are grateful to Anne evoking this spirit of wonder and imagination in them.

The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization, established the Community Leadership Awards to recognize the charitable work of financial advisors and financial services firms in communities across the country and around the world.

Financial advisors are nominated by their peers for actively giving back to non-profits to improve their communities and make a difference in the lives of others. Anne Davidson is a financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors.