Vogel’s Family Dinner


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On Tuesday, May 22nd, we invited our families, board members, teachers, staff, and volunteers to have a Family Dinner on our blacktop. Our Operations Team provided the perfect family feast that consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, chips, lemonade, fruit kabobs, and cookies. What a perfect way to prepare for the weekend!

Our families enjoyed the opportunity to spend quality time with their children and other families, as well as interact with those who support our organization. By offering our parents the chance to spend quality time with their children, and Vogel supporters, this will help develop social skills and foster healthy relationships among others.

At Vogel Alcove, we understand the positive effects of family-style dining on a child’s development. Every day, we ensure that our infant, toddler, and preschool children eat breakfast, lunch, and snack in family style. Not only is it important for small and large muscle development and motor skills, but it also encourages children to serve themselves, which develops their eye-hand coordination. Included in this, our children begin to learn how to control their body movements as they move their chairs to sit down, as they eat their food by utilizing utensils, and of course, table etiquette. By engaging with our families in this manner, we are ensuring that they obtain the resources needed for a healthy lifestyle.

These are the little things that we do on a daily basis that make a HUGE difference for our children and their families. By taking the time to provide dinner for our families, and providing a safe, comfortable space for them to enjoy their meals, our parents were able to relax and spend quality time with their children.

Help us to continue to help our families by visiting Facing Homelessness to read testimonials from some of our families.