10 Weeks Later, Operation Phases at Vogel


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Out With Phase I, In With Phase II

As the nation and the state reopen in phases, operations at Vogel will evolve in phases as well. The first ten weeks since the shutdown were Phase I, Essential Service.  In case you missed it, watch CEO Karen Hughes review of our efforts in Phase I below. 

Answering the Call

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 weeks since we reopened the childcare center for essential workers and adjusted our services to the needs of our children and their families by adding three new programs. 

Daily meal delivery, virtual casework, getting necessary resources to our families, and following strict health and safety protocols became a significant part of each day at Vogel during this time. 

We were blessed to have been able to prepare, package, and deliver
15,742 MEALS 

containing necessities such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothes, and even educational toys for the kids at home. 
We couldn’t have done any of this without the commitment of our staff and supporters. Read about our journey in our last blog post: 


We still have much to accomplish. The extent of the fallout our children and their families will experience has yet to be determined; we must be ready to restore these families.

Phase II

We move ahead into Phase II. Karen Hughes explains: 

As Karen Hughes details in the video above, this phase includes: 

  • Childcare Program Open for All Working Parents 
  • Summer Camp Begins (K – 6th Grade Children, Great Outdoor Adventure)
  • Continued Practice of Health and Safety protocols as directed by the CDC and Health Department
  • Continued Virtual Case Management
  • Resource Bags
  • Continued Mental Health and Developmental Health Therapies for Children
  • Telehealth Mental Health Therapy for Parents

We Can't Do This Without You

Only with your support are we able to develop these new programs and provide services that help these children cope with the physical, emotional and mental trauma they are experiencing.  We are devoted to guiding our families toward a successful life despite their circumstances.

Please consider a donation today, it helps us continue to  Rewire Brains, Repair Hearts and Restore Families that have been impacted by homelessness. 


You can Make a Difference!

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