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Thank You, New Donors!

October 28, 2016  |  Published in Agency News, Donors

Vogel Alcove gratefully thanks our new donors for October 2016 (September 28 – October 28). We could not fulfill our mission without your support.

Syed Azhar Amanda Mahoney
Zach Ballenger Berenice Martinez
Preciosa Bell Juli and Mac McGinnis
Vikrant Bhatia Carol McPherson
Janet Bickel-Burton Jodi Milner
Jeremy Bradford Leah Suzanne Moet
Michael Burrow Kirsten Morgan
Chad Davis Lisa Nortman
Jordon De La Cruz & Lora Wolfe Andrew Philipp
Adam Dement Israel Regalado
Kyle Estep Janice Robbins
Jeff Fulbright The Roden Family
Leslye Geller Ameeth Sankaran
Ben Gillman Mr. Cary Schmelzer
Linda Glauben Ericka Silva
Catherine Hanby Noel Templer
Spencer Kaiser Karen & Robert W. Turner
Amy & Robert V. Kelly