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Armanino’s “The Great Give”

May 30, 2018  |  Published in Corporate Partners, Uncategorized, Volunteers

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Thank You to the volunteers of Armanino for visiting our school and volunteering with us. We truly appreciate you all for being committed to helping the children and families of Vogel Alcove! You all definitely made the morning enjoyable by interacting with our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, and more importantly, supporting our teachers. We hope that you enjoyed your visit and learned more about our organization and how you can better connect with our mission.

“The Great Give” is Armanino’s firm-wide day of service event that has grown steadily over the years since first launching in 2009. It is part of the firm’s service initiative, Helping Hand; a collection of giving efforts that include the Armanino Foundation, 30 by 30 year-round service projects, and company-sponsored volunteer vacations across the country. Armanino’s Helping Hand offers a unique opportunity for employees to contribute to social causes and nonprofit organizations year-round, and luckily, Vogel Alcove is one of them.

This year, Armanino employees graciously assisted with rocking babies, playing house, blowing bubbles, serving lunch , and more importantly, providing our children with the attention that they yearn for.

By engaging with our children, you see how it truly takes a village to support each child as they overcome the trauma of homelessness. By taking the time to interact with our children through the multiple activities you all truly helped us make a difference.

  • Our hope is that you all left with a sense of what it takes to truly Break the Cycle of Poverty and what you can do to help.
  • As we continue our daily program, we’d love to gain your FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Whether it’s a one-time gift or a small monthly contribution, any amount will definitely go a long way as we continually help the homeless children and families that we serve.
  • Or if you’d like to find other ways to get involved with us, click HERE!


(Now that you have seen our school and know the work that we commit to on a daily basis, please consider becoming engaged in any of the ways listed above.)


Thanks for all that you do and what you will continue to do!