Facing Homelessness – A thank you letter


Facing Homelessness

Success stories are made daily at Vogel Alcove.

Some successes are small, daily achievements, while others are life-changing events that propel our families out of poverty and into stability and successful careers.
We received a letter from a former parent who shared how her life has changed since her time with Vogel Alcove.
Her life was changed because of the services provided by Vogel Alcove and because of all of our donors who are key contributors to our mission.

“It truly does take a village to raise a child and no one can
raise a child without help.” – Helen

Helen’s Story

“I am very pleased with all the help received for my son, Jeremiah, over the years that he and I have been receiving services. I just want to take a minute to thank everyone from the person that cleans the building, the kitchen staff, board of directors, administrators, volunteer coordinators, case managers, security, volunteers and donors. I want to say that it does take everyone to make Vogel Alcove what it is; which is an exceptional place that children experiencing homelessness can have a routine, good meals and love along with a place that assists parents to become self-sufficient.

With the help of the Vogel staff, I have been able to obtain a position in which I will be able to take care of Jeremiah very well. I am grateful to all the smiles, help, concerns, friendliness and professionalism from all staff members that I have always received at Vogel Alcove. Knowing that Jeremiah had a safe place to go where people really cared helped me to be able to do what I needed to do in order to progress. I am going to miss everyone at Vogel Alcove, and I’m sure Jeremiah will also.

I will be an elementary school teacher for Dallas Independent School District. I will be pleased to volunteer services for Vogel Alcove when I can and will speak highly of Vogel Alcove every chance I get. I will never forget Vogel Alcove and won’t let Jeremiah forget either.

To all the staff members that I know and don’t know, thank you is all I can say. It truly does take a village to raise a child and no one can raise a child without help. Homelessness requires a special type of help, and everyone here is exceptional with the type of care that is needed. You all have done an amazing job.”



We’ve highlighted several inspirational stories over the past month. Many stories started the same, but have taken varied paths to success. Each of these stories were testaments to the work of our teachers and family support team in helping our families continue to improve their lives.

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Your generosity changes lives and builds a better tomorrow for our families.

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