Camp Vogel Visits Dallas Heritage Village


Camp Vogel 2021

Just a couple of blocks south of the towering glass skyscrapers of downtown Dallas lies a collection of 19th century pioneer and Victorian homes and commercial buildings that comprise Dallas Heritage Village

On Monday morning, Vogel Alcove campers walked across the street from our building to visit this village and get a glimpse of the lives of Texans over 100 years ago.

To explore the grounds, campers participated in a scavenger hunt. The campers explored the streets of banks, storefronts, saloons, churches, houses, and more. They ran across fields searching for various types of leaves, flowers, and insects—even a turtle!

Walking through houses, campers observed characteristics of typical bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms of the time period: for the most part dimly lit and lacking any of today’s technological advancements.  

Signs in front of certain houses and storefronts provided further insight into who lived there or the purpose of a particular enterprise.

I learned that saloons were gathering places for men in the 1800s and only particularly gutsy women would dare to enter them. Who knew?

To maximize their efficiency in the scavenger hunt, campers teamed up to find the items on their checklist. As we headed back to the front entrance, campers excitedly boasted their scavenger hunt successes.