Five Things I’ve Learned in my First Two Weeks at Vogel Alcove


Aiden Vogel Alcove

My name is Elise Little, and I am one of this summer’s Vogel Alcove interns. From accompanying campers on field trips and chronicling their adventures to learning how to research foundations, I’ve had a very busy, fun first two weeks at Vogel Alcove.

Even simply being in Vogel Alcove’s building and observing the day-to-day interactions here has taught me a lot about this organization, the people it serves, and the people who keep its gears turning.

Here are the top five things I’ve learned so far (in no particular order):


  1. There is never a dull moment at Camp Vogel.

The campers, while sometimes a handful, never bore the counselors and me. They excitedly show off their Lego creations, they invest their whole tiny being and more into simple games on the carpet, and they shriek for joy when we push them high on the swing set. Their jokes and tricks never fail to keep us entertained.


2. Vogel Alcove really does take a comprehensive approach to homelessness.


I’ve been able to create draft posts for Vogel Alcove’s social media. I’ve gathered information from Vogel Alcove’s website; making these infographics has helped me to understand Vogel Alcove on a deeper level by engaging with the statistics and programs.

In more fully grasping Vogel Alcove’s programs and mission, I’ve come to understand that this organization tackles homelessness from many different angles. Does your child need therapy due to the trauma of homelessness? Vogel Alcove has it. Does your child need a place to go when Dallas ISD lets out for a break? Vogel Alcove has it. Do you need a social worker to help you find housing, sort out legal troubles, and/or find resources for your children? Vogel Alcove has it. From what I can tell, Vogel Alcove leaves no box unchecked.

3. People work here because they want to help.


Whenever I talk to employees here about their job, they mention that they feel a sense of purpose working at Vogel Alcove. People here are truly invested in their work.


4. Vogel Alcove restores to children what homelessness has robbed from them.

The children giggle and smile all the time here. It is no secret that they are happy here. At Vogel Alcove, kids get to just be kids, free of the burdens that homelessness placed on them.


5. Vogel Alcove is a great place to be.


After my first two weeks at Vogel Alcove, the mission statement and vision of this organization resonate with me on a deeper level.

assisting the counselors on Camp Vogel field trips, I’ve gotten to know these campers, and now my mind has inextricably linked the words of Vogel Alcove’s mission statement to familiar faces. All in all, I am very grateful that I get to spend my summer here and cannot wait for the weeks to come.


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