"How can a homeless mother get a job if she has no safe haven for her children?"
-Thelma Vogel

Our Impact

With generous community support, we have served more than 17,000 children and their families since 1987. A few key statistics for 2020-2022:

63% of parents were unemployed when their child/children enrolled at Vogel; 

26% were employed in temporary jobs with limited hours and no benefits, 

56% of parents were employed or in school when their child/children left Vogel.

85% of preschool children showed gains in the areas of social/emotional, physical, language and cognitive development and were on track for their age and stage of development.

68% of the children we served during the 2021-2022 school year had decreased or eliminated mental health risk factors.

93 children and parents received one-on-one therapy in 2021

After 8 months at Vogel, 80% of infant and toddler children are able to function at appropriate stages of development.

Our impact shows that in 2020, 70% of families experienced decreased housing vulnerability


In this “Homeless to Happiness” video, you’ll see more about the impact of our services and programs. Vogel has a bold, new strategic initiative to help Break the Cycle of Poverty by using a Two-Generational Approach to solving family homelessness.