Longtime Vogel Alcove Teacher to Retire


We love our teachers at Vogel Alcove. They work tirelessly everyday with our children to help them heal from the trauma of homelessness, and to prepare them to test on par if not better than their peers when they enter kindergarten. It can be a stressful job, but nothing is quite as rewarding as seeing growth and change in each child, knowing you as a teacher are making the difference. We hope this is how our dear Ms. Melba Hubbard looks back on her experience here at Vogel Alcove, as she prepares to retire this Friday, after 14 and a half years of service.

Ms. Melba is one of our floating teacher assistants to the infants and toddlers. She is a fun, loving teacher with a GREAT SMILE, great humor & loves our kiddos. Daily you will find her calming, supporting, singing, and engaging in routines with our infants & young toddlers. Her dedication has been greatly appreciated over the years.

In preparation for this post, I went on a hunt for old photos of Ms. Melba; hoping to find a few memories of her tenure here. The search yielded very few photos from the past, but I did find a few.

Last week one of our teachers planned a surprise retirement party for Ms. Melba, complete with red carpet, a massive cake, and several of Ms. Melba’s relatives. The gym was covered in purple and green decor, and the walls adorned with special messages for Ms. Melba from each classroom. The luncheon featured baked and fried chicken, with plenty of side dishes and desserts brought by members of the staff. Ms. Melba dined surrounded by family members and coworkers. She is the last of her brothers and sisters retire, they all plan to go on a celebratory trip together soon.