Repairing Hearts Means Healing a Family


Patrick McCleveland, who recently passed away, with this family


Patrick was a life force. He was a loving father and stepfather. Patrick was a brother, an uncle, and a son. He was also a business-owner and a Cowboys fan.

Patrick’s love for his children helped him overcome life’s many challenges. Destiny, Sabrina, Ethan, and Summer were his motivation.

When Patrick suddenly passed away from a heart attack, he left a void in the lives of his loved ones. He left his children behind.

Although losing Patrick was painful, his absence created an opportunity. A chance for a mother to step back into her children’s lives and deliver on her promise to care for them.



Candice is part of the Vogel family because her children enrolled here while living with their father, Patrick.

She lives in a shelter as she continues a journey of healing from past trauma. In fact, Candice chose to return to the same shelter she recalled living in as a child.

Without Patrick, Candice no longer had someone to lean on and care for their children. Patrick made sure that the kids stayed on the right track while Candice focused on healing.

Now, the kids motivated Candice to step up in new ways.

“Vogel understands what mothers are facing and what homelessness is like. They provide my
children with safety and prepare them for what’s ahead.”
– Candice

Candice worked with her social worker to set up a support system. She took advantage of Vogel’s Parent Opportunity Center.

To prepare for becoming the primary caregiver for her children, Candice takes parenting classes. She wants to learn how to be the best mom she can be. Other classes, such as financial literacy, help her get ready to move from the shelter to a stable home.


What you can do

Valentine’s Day is the time of year when there are hearts everywhere. This is the time when people are thinking of what their loved ones mean to them. As Candice said,

“COVID helped me really reflect on what is important.”

Next time you see a heart, think of how Vogel is helping heal this family’s hearts. And bring them back together. Candice and her children are just one of our many stories.


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