Parents Received COVID-19 Vaccinations On-Site This Week


parkland hospital employees at Vogel Alcove
The Parkland hospital nurse and a Parkland employee administered COVID-19o vaccinations on Wednesday.

This week, through a partnership with Parkland Hospital, we hosted a free vaccination hub at our facility. Staff followed social distancing and sanitation protocols; the site opened for Vogel Alcove parents and individuals staying at the Family Gateway shelter.  The shot was administered to parents as they came to pick up their children. The vaccine was administered by a nurse from Parkland Hospital; she provided each person with essential information about the shot and COVID-19.

A dad getting his shot

The shot free of charge with no appointment was necessary. Our parents were able to get the shot without missing work or having to pay for a doctor’s appointment.

Nurse Michelle of Parkland hospital

Vogel Alcove mom Louanna’s job requires employees to be vaccinated; she worried about having to pay for a doctor’s appointment.

The nurse administered the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The shot is a single dose vaccine and doesn’t require a second appointment.

We are blessed to be able to offer the vaccine to those that need it, this is a huge step toward making the vaccinations available for everyone.

Parkland Hospital staff began vaccinating homeless people on March 3, going to a different shelter or site every day. According to the Dallas Morning News, over 1,200 people at 17 locations since the staff began vaccinations. Parkland Hospital will continue hosting these hubs each week offering vaccinations to the homeless at two area shelters:

Tuesdays from 9 AM – 12 PM – Our Calling 

Wednesdays from 9 AM – 12 – The Bridge