Vogel Mom Hemrish Chirwa


Hemrish, Muhammad, and Essa Family Portrait

Hemrish, Muhammad, and Essa Family Portrait

Celebrating Vogel Moms

This Black History Month, Voyage Magazine featured MamaNiyaa founder and CEO Hemrish Chirwa in their Inspiring ConversationsHemrish Chirwa, Vogel Former Client, Voyage Magazine featured MamaNiyaa founder and CEO feature! The Vogel family is proud and happy for Hemrish who is a Vogel client. Click here to read her full feature and learn more about the inspirational and life-changing story. Here’s what she said about Vogel in the feature:

“Fortunately, when I began my studies, I also began my business and was introduced to an amazing and phenomenal woman through a mentorship program Empowered with a Twist of Faith at my son’s school Vogel. Ebony Wingard has been such a great mentor, leader and motivator.

She helped me draft up my business plans, register my DBA and supported my venture with equipping me with my marketing material and domain. I am so grateful for Vogel and always providing parents with such useful resources especially during a pandemic, has been such a huge blessing.

Building my business now has not come at a better time for me and my boys. The staff there are heroes and work with you to see you and your family rise and grow, they are the ones who blessed us with the opportunity on meeting Ebony Wingard. I have had businesses before but when you have a group supporting and guiding you so you can feel supported in your purpose, makes all the difference.”