Family Success and Impact | Asyria’s Story, Part 1 of 4


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When families come to Vogel Alcove, they are partnered with a Master’s-level social worker, like Candace Leverton. Candace has helped countless families throughout the years, many with remarkable stories.

Asyria, a single mother of two children became homeless after her abusive partner kicked her out. Soon after, she joined the Vogel Alcove family.

In the video below, Candace highlights the story of Asyria’s family and the role Vogel Alcove played in their lives.

This is the first in a week-long series about Asyria’s family struggles and successes. Check back on the blog each day this week or sign up for our newsletter to learn how Vogel Alcove’s programs and services help restore this family and many others like them. Your donation today makes our mission possible.