Vogel’s Growing Gratitude: Vego Garden’s Remarkable Contribution to Our Farm-to-Table Mission


Vogel’s Growing Gratitude: Vego Garden’s Remarkable Contribution to Our Farm-to-Table Mission

Discover how Vego Garden’s generous support transformed Vogel’s mission, enhancing the education, sustainability, and well-being of children through new raised beds.

Vogel’s partnership with Vego Garden began with the installation of four raised beds in our backyard, and now, with three new additions, we are poised to grow even more fresh produce that directly nourishes the children at Vogel. 
Our commitment to sustainability and educating our young learners about the origins of their food has never been stronger. One of these new beds will be dedicated to our pollinator garden area, where children eagerly observe and learn about the fascinating world of butterflies and moths. 
The design of the 17” high Vego Garden beds is tailored perfectly for our young gardeners. It empowers them to actively engage in gardening tasks like planting and harvesting, all while ensuring their safety by preventing access to the soil beneath. The bed’s depth also accommodates the growth of root vegetables, and our success with sweet potatoes and carrots in our established Vego Garden beds is a testament to this.

Safety is paramount in our outdoor classroom, and the rounded corners and rubber edging on top of these beds provide a secure environment for children’s play. Furthermore, the thoughtful design, including rounded interior bolt nuts, eliminates any risk of scrapes during planting activities.

Two of the new beds have replaced aging wooden ones that were showing signs of wear. The durability of the Vego Garden beds ensures they will serve our mission for years to come, without the concern of chemical contamination due to their food-grade paint finish. This aligns perfectly with our organic gardening practices.

We also appreciate the modular nature of these beds, as they allowed us to seamlessly replace the old wooden beds without disturbing the existing soil and plants. This has been a significant time and labor-saving feature, especially given the recovery of our plants after a challenging period of extreme heat.

Our children have been actively involved in the process, from planting carrots and lettuce using a modified hügelkultur technique to checking on the growth of basil, peppers, and cucumbers in one of the replacement beds. In the coming weeks, they will contribute to planting native pollinator plants in the other replacement bed, enriching our outdoor classroom and therapeutic gardens.

Ultimately, these Vego Garden beds are not just additions to our educational environment; they are catalysts for our Nature Explore-certified outdoor classroom and therapeutic gardens.* These spaces are instrumental in enhancing our children’s social and motor skills, fostering creativity, reducing stress, and instilling empathy. Additionally, they serve as vital tools for teaching our children about the natural world and the intricate process of food cultivation.

We are profoundly thankful to Vego Garden for their unwavering support, which empowers Vogel to cultivate both healthy plants and healthy children. Together, we are sowing the seeds of knowledge, sustainability, and well-being in our community.

*Our Nature Explore-certified outdoor classroom and our therapeutic gardens give children regular time in nature. It improves social and motor skills, supports creativity, reduces stress, and teaches empathy.

About Vego Garden

Vego Garden was founded in 2020 to launch a modular metal garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy, utilizing eco-friendly metal materials instead of cutting down trees.

Vego Garden gained great popularity right after its launch and is now the leading brand in raised garden beds. The name Vego carries the spirit of DIY modular raised beds suitable for growing vegetables and our goal is to redefine raised bed gardening and to make a sustainable lifestyle seamless, & more accessible for all. Their mission is to make gardening as accessible and sustainable as
possible while encouraging gardening to be an avenue for
personal and community development. It starts from a seed, but grows into so much more. To learn more about Vego Garden, visit vegogarden.com.